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We take the mystery out of customer satisfaction...

We take the mystery out of customer satisfaction...

Mystery Shopping

Making mystery shopping work for you...

At Blue Apple we know about customer service.  We want to make sure that your company is giving out the right message, because the important contact points you have with your customers are on the telephone and face to face. 

You may already have a procedure in place that your employees adhere to but we can monitor exactly how well your customers are being received.  By making regular telephone calls or visits we can tell you how good a service your potential customers are getting.  

The feedback we provide on your customer service will be invaluable in helping you with training and evaluation of the procedures you already have in place.  Our reports will show you exactly what's happening at the sharp end of your business.  

Are your procedures carried out to the full and will your customers come back to you time and time again?  This service will give you the answers and help to identify your training needs and reward those that are achieving.

The service we provide is vital to your business, so why not let us show you what can be achieved with it.

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Our shoppers will report back on everything from their initial impressions until the time they leave.  An accurate picture of the whole experience will be conveyed.  These services provide essential feedback on customer service.  Personal visits give an accurate picture of how genuine customers are treated.

The measurement criteria and format will be carefully put in place so that every aspect is covered. 

After a period of time you may wish to make some changes to the format.  And of course, if certain things come to our attention we may suggest changes ourselves.  Any changes that you may wish to make to parts of the format or criteria are easily accommodated.  

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Important patterns will be easily identified for each location you have from these reports and this will be extremely beneficial.  Areas of any possible concern highlighted in the reports can be earmarked for further training, if required.  And of course, consistent high scores will be equally shown up in the reports for your attention.  


We have many years of experience working with businesses to improve and maintain customer service levels.   Along with projects in the UK, Blue Apple has also worked with clients in Europe and Australia.


We pride ourselves on the high quality of our work, our attention to detail and personal service.  We would very much like to work with you on your campaign and are confident that we can provide the very best possible service for you.


If you would like more information on any of our services or just want an informal chat, then please contact us:

01933 316149

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Having spent some years working for a telemarketing company, the potential was seen for business development in the mystery shopping area.  So, in February 2003 Blue Apple was formed to provide services that would help other companies improve their customer satisfaction.



Building a good working relationship with our clients is vital and we are lucky enough to still work with a lot of them year after year. Please click below to read some of our testimonials.



If you would like more information on any of our services or just want an informal chat, then please contact us.  Please click below for more details.

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