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Job Interview


Having spent some years working for a telemarketing company, the potential was seen for business development in the mystery shopping area.  So, in February 2003 Blue Apple was formed to provide services which would help other companies improve their customer satisfaction. 

For the first year the business was purely focussing on mystery telephone calls and mystery visits.  But soon we added other vital services - customer and employee surveys, and even market research.  So, Blue Apple offers a complete suite of services that enables our clients to get an overall picture of the needs, wants and experiences of their customers.

Our first client was a car showroom, but over the years we have worked with a multitude of businesses, large and small, in a wide variety of industry sectors.  From banks and retail businesses to dentists and vets, the list is endless!

Building a good working relationship with our clients is vital and we are lucky enough to still work with a lot of them year after year.  

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